An extension to help developers keep their Angular projects evergreen with periodic update checks and automatic upgrades

The Angular team releases new versions of Angular frequently. These updates can be in the form of major, minor or patch releases. Patch releases fix security issues or bugs, minor releases add new features, and major releases can change how Angular works. With each minor release the Angular team aims to nudge you towards the next major release. If you keep your project up-to-date, not only will you be more secure, but also you will spend less time upgrading to the next major version of Angular, which happens every six months or so. However, you, as the developer are focused delivering new features to your app and you may not know when new versions of Angular are released. This is why the Expertly Simple team has developed a Visual Studio Code extension for Angular developers.

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Keeping it evergreen

Angular Evergreen extension features 3 organized sections:

  • Conveniently displaying current, latest, and next versions of Angular
  • Update helpers to run ng upgrade scripts
  • A help section that is designed to provide you resources on how to upgrade Angular

Install it today

Our primary focus with this extension is to help Angular developers stay up to date with the JavaScript front-end they love and to provide useful resources, so you can be successful on any project.

Install the Angular Evergreen extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace today!

Contribute on GitHub

We look forward to your bug reports, suggestions, and contributions on our GitHub repo. We love working with Angular and hope to hear from you.