Angular & Web Development in 76 Questions

In my recently published book, Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications [], Second Edition, there are fourteen chapters and four appendices to cover the gamut of web development from design and execution to full-stack implementation and cloud deployments using DevOps techniques. At the end of each chapter there »

Staying Evergreen in JavaScript

It is so important to keep your libraries, frameworks, and tools up-to-date in Angular development and JavaScript in general. Save money and keep your apps maintainable. »

Small Business Help

Here at Expertly Simple we sympathize with small businesses. These are tough times and many businesses will likely not weather the storm. Now more than any other time you must diversify the way you reach customers and perform transactions. How can Expertly Simple help? * Real people, real experience, real solutions. »

Angular Evergreen: Keep Your Projects Up to Date

> An extension to help developers keep their Angular projects evergreen with periodic update checks and automatic upgrades The Angular team releases new versions of Angular frequently. These updates can be in the form of major, minor or patch releases. Patch releases fix security issues or bugs, minor releases add new »

Launching Expertly Simple

Expertly Simple aims to be software development and technology focused, with the goal of filtering the noise out there and helping our audience focus on create simple, yet highly capable technical solutions. We look forward to experimenting with some video content on our YouTube Channel here [ »