In my recently published book, Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications, Second Edition, I dedicated an entire appendix on Keeping Angular and Tools Evergreen, because it is so important to keep your libraries, frameworks, and tools up-to-date. I even published a VS Code extension, Angular Evergreen, to support this idea. Below is an excerpt from the Appendix, along with the download link at the bottom.

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Importance of updating

Delivering a secure, fast, and consistent experience on the web across dozens
of combinations of different browsers in differing versions is not an easy feat.
Angular exists to make this possible; however, the internet is a constantly evolving
landscape of competing technologies and vendors. The Angular team has committed to updating the platform on a regular basis, but it's up to you to keep up to date with patches and minor or major releases of Angular.

Angular is a platform that aims to minimize the effort of upgrading from version
to version, providing helpful tools and guides. Most importantly, Angular provides
a deterministic release cadence and ample communication regarding deprecated
features that allows for proper planning to remain up to date.

Plan Ahead

You must plan to keep up to date with Angular in a thoughtful and deliberate
manner. Such a strategy will result in maximizing the benefit you gain by using
a platform like Angular, keeping bugs and divergent experiences across browsers
to a minimum. At its most extreme, you have a choice: either retain hundreds of
testers to test your web applications across all major browsers and their recent
versions and dozens of developers to maintain compatibility issues, or keep your
version of Angular (or your choice of framework) up to date. Keep in mind that
it's up to you to ensure the quality of the product you deliver.

Download the Appendix

There simply wasn't enough room left in the print copy version of the book to include this appendix.

Download Appendix C, Keeping Angular and Tools Evergreen here.