Enjoy the free e-book, Introduction to Angular and Its Concepts, from Angular GDE and Angular DC organizer, Doguhan Uluca. The e-book covers a brief history of web frameworks, Angular's philosophy and architecture, the reactive development paradigm, state management, and major Angular releases and features over time.

The free e-book is the first chapter, of the completely revised and updated second edition of the bestselling, Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications, which is hands-on guide to build and deliver production-grade and cloud-scale evergreen web apps with Angular 9 and beyond.

With 350 pages of new content, the second-edition covers the entire gamut of designing and deploying an Angular application to production, supported by 20 OSS projects, tools, and libraries created for the book, including MEAN stack examples and blue/green cloud deployments.

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Free e-book: Introduction to Angular and Its Concepts (47 pages).